The engineers at Flight Design had the vision to combine optimal flight performance, maximum payload and the greatest flight experience in an affordable aircraft. With the CT Super Club, equipped withan 80 hp engine Rotax912 UL, TBO 2000 h, and a Dynon glass cockpit, the beginner can enjoy a fully equipped ultralight aircraft of the CT family for less than 100,000 EUR. In addition to transponder and radio, a complete rescue system is a standard equipment for every CT.


Already in 1994, Flight Design, inspired by the automotive industry, implemented a safety cell concept into the then new design of the CT series. At the same time, the inclusion of a ballistic-equipped overall rescue system that was not required for certification helped to improve safety. Since 2004, all CTs are delivered with a total rescue system. The new global certification rules, in particular with the simpler implementation of advanced safety systems and the experience gained with more than 1,900 aircraft delivered have convinced Flight Design to set the goal of the next level of safety for the future: Vision Zero. The vision is set: “Zero” passengers are said to be injured in a very serious accident. This can be achieved through a combination of passive and active safety systems. Flight Design is working with big progress on development and certification.


What CT owners particularly appreciate is the unrivaled comfort: with a spacious cockpit with 124 cm inside width and adjustable seats, it also offers plenty of space for two strong and large pilots, and also allows easy entry. The very good visibility also contributes to the flying pleasure.
The exact equipment features can be found on the price list.
If you’re looking for more power and more options, we recommend you the CT Super Sport.