The CTLS Grand Touring is the latest EASA type-certified model of the CT family from Flight Design. Longer, lighter, and sleeker, the CTLS Grand Touring (GT) has been designed specifically for the Light-Sport category and offers many features to enhance comfort and performance. Flight Design has worked with industry specialists and advanced techniques, including a full-scale wind tunnel test, to aerodynamically enhance the new design even further.

As one of the first in aviation for light-sport aircraft, the latest computer test systems were used in flight testing to further develop the flight dynamics. Flight Design wants to remain a leader in the light-sport category. For this, advanced design concepts are combined with modern security know-how. The latest construction techniques, modern software and the use of state-of-the-art materials give you an even better flight experience. The CTLS GT is an aircraft that gives you the opportunity to fly non-stop from Frankfurt to London or from Munich to Rome: flights of up to 1,800 km are no problem for the CTLS Grand Touring. The large and comfortable cabin and excellent visibility of all CT models make all your flights a pleasure and provide an excellent environment for learning to fly.

Since the start of production in 1997, more than 1900 Flight Design CT’s have been delivered to customers worldwide. By operating the CTLS in some of the harshest environments on earth, the Flight Design team has learned a lot and has steadily improved the aircraft. The CTLS unites components to make it a great aircraft for the needs of flight clubs and flight schools as well as the private owners. A modern aircraft should have all the improvements that are possible for the safety of pilots and passengers. Each CT has a proven carbon cockpit that forms a safety cell with four-point straps. The overall rescue system included in the standard equipment is an important further point in the safety features of the CTLS. The system is always there when you need it.