Introducing Zeta-Aviation and the people behind 

Zeta-Aviation is very proud of the exclusive representation of the world-famous and popular light aircraft brand Flight Design general aviation for Germany and Poland. Through our close cooperation with the Flight Design Regional Center Eisenach, we can excellently implement sales and service for our German customers. Zeta-Aviation has its flying-home base at the airfield Pritzwalk-Sommerberg.

Zeta-Aviation consists of the two pilots and aviation professionals Jan Zesewitz and Volker Krane.
In addition to his enthusiasm for flying, Jan Zesewitz has many years of experience in sales and maintenance of aircraft. After studying aerospace engineering, he worked in sales for Airbus in Toulouse and Paris. In addition, he has a wealth of experience as a microlight and glider instructor. Jan is the founder of the successful company Innov’air from Toulouse, France, which is the Flight Design regional center for Western and Southern Europe and specializes in the sale, maintenance and related training for small aircraft. Through his experience, Jan has been able to advise many airlines and is an active partner in several other aviation companies.
Volker Krane found his passion for flying early in life and completed his first flight in a glider at the age of 16. He is passionate aviation expert and currently holds PPL, SPL, and an ultralight license. Volker has been a lawyer for more than 20 years and specializes in commercial and corporate law.

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